Welcome to 350 Silicon Valley’s new 

Communications and Outreach Team.


Communications and outreach are at the center of every action that 350SV takes. 



Communications    We create high level communications that share our organization's mission and critical climate change actions that support the global climate change movement.  

We create video stories that share the climate change impacts on our neighbors, communities and the environment from a local to global level. We develop PowerPoints for our speaker bureau presentations, work with the press and media, generate social media messaging for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.  We create music and art that bring our message to everyone.

And we build tools and processes that allow all of our activists to more easily and effectively reach their audience using our website, print, video, news, and social media.



Outreach     Because the goals of outreach and communication efforts are so closely linked, we decided to bring these two efforts together to be managed within a single coordinated vision for action. 

Our mission for Outreach is to build a foundation that the 350SV committees and teams can rely on to build effective campaigns and actions.  And we develop outreach tools such as standard brochures for tabling, media lists, resource information and how-to guides for common outreach functions, among many other outreach mechanisms.



Hello to everyone from Karen.  I'm the new Director of Communications and Outreach. I bring experience managing a creative Silicon Valley media communications agency, along with a background in environmental planning. 

Communications and Outreach offer many exciting ways to help generate enthusiasm for 350SV's goals. Both are essential to build a highly energized activist community.

I'm looking forward to expanding our team.  And that together we'll make a difference... a visible impact in the fight to control climate change.

                                                      Karen Warner Nelson































Choose your way to help.  

We need people to do one task, participate in a campaign or take charge of a on-going effort.  And for students, this is a fantastic way to gain experience and references in your field of study.  

We need:

  • Talented writers and correspondents.
  • Social media whizzes and lovers.
  • All you video and photography brains… help us create engaging stories.
  • And love everything graphic.  We have just the project for you. 
  • Want to rub elbows with the news media.  Join us.
  • Enjoy meeting new people.  Sign up for tabling at the most interesting and varied events.
  • The list of ways you can help is endless.  Join us to be part of history in the making with an awesome and high energy team.

 To learn more, email Karen at knelson@pacificmedia.com and together we'll find your perfect way to get involved.


to make a difference