Divestment Team

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Divesting Fossil Fuels from Your Portfolio

     A Forum For Individual Investors

Considering eliminating fossil fuels from your portfolio? Since burning any more than 20 percent of known reserves will destroy Earth's habitable climate, carbon fuels will soon be seen as "stranded assets"-- and wise investors are moving out of such risky investments.

Seeking a concrete way to expedite the transition away from fossil fuels? You can align your investments with your values and add your voice to the rapidly growing global divestment movement.

Join us for a forum about fossil-free investing. Pose your questions to Christian Ortez, Director of LPL Financial's Blackmont Wealth Management Group; explore new resources such as fossilfreefunds.org for individuals and financial managers. Shirley Eglington from 350 Silicon Valley and Sandy Emerson from Fossil Free California will introduce key topics for the discussion.

Sunday, November 15 2:00-3:30 p.m.

First Presbyterian Church, Palo Alto
1140 Cowper St.
Palo Alto, C 94301

Thanks to our co-sponsors: First Presbyterian Church of Palo Alto; Fossil Free California; 350 Silicon Valley; Peninsula Interfaith Climate Action; the Peninsula Peace and Justice Center; and Acterra.



Stanford has divested its endowment from coal extraction, but the job isn't done. The Fossil Free divestment campaign at Stanford is pushing the administration to #DivestTheRest.   Be sure to check out their website at fossilfreestanford.org.  Alumni, staff, and parents have a role to play in encouraging the Board of Trustees to choose divestment.

Emailing friends who are alums:  Use this sample or write your own


Dear _______,
I am getting in touch about a national student movement of more than 300 schools across the country that have launched for divestment from fossil fuel companies. Climate change will have profound implications for the rest of these young student's lives, and they do not want their educations funded by the destruction of the planet. Now is a vital time for their institutions to be investing in the future, not in the fuels that put that future at risk.
A group called Fossil Free Stanford at your alma mater is working to demonstrate that there is broad support for fossil fuel divestment in the whole university community, and would really appreciate the support of alumni. It would go a long way if you could sign their petition: http://campaigns.gofossilfree.org/petitions/stanford-university

The student group at Stanford has focused on getting student signatures, and now they want to reach out to alumni.  Let's help them out!  Send a message to people you know who are Stanford alums.  


What We Do

Our strategy is to influence nearby cities, religious organizations, college campuses, and retirement funds to divest from fossil fuel companies and re-invest in sustainable energy. Currently, team members are working within four faith communities and one university (Stanford).  We hope that as our team grows we will work on divestment campaigns for cities and employee retirement funds. 

How We Do It

  • We meet regularly to discuss and support our members’ divestment related activities.
  • We create, discover and share resources and links to useful information
  • Through our meetings, chat group, and Google group we help each other stay abreast of developments in the nationwide divestment movement
  • We provide information (and recommendations of speakers) to individuals and groups about socially responsible investment options
  • We work with national 350.org to refine the communication among local groups across the country

Why We Do It

  • Final Goal: keep 80% of the known fossil fuel reserves in the ground, to avoid catastrophic climate change
  • Immediate goal: gain public acceptance that just as it’s morally wrong to wreck the climate, it’s morally wrong to profit from wrecking the climate. Get as many institutions and individuals as possible to discuss and begin divesting funds from the top 200 fossil fuel companies
  • Intermediate goal: compel the influential people who sit on boards of colleges, religious institutions, retirement boards, as well as those in the investment community, to face the reality that if the fossil fuel companies fulfill their mission, they will wreck the earth
  • Bring enough negative publicity to gradually revoke the social license that fossil fuel companies enjoy

For more information go to www.gofossilfree.org