The second issue of SVCAN was just released and as with the first issue. it's full of information on good things happening to clear the air on climate movement progress.   Please, after you've had the chance to review this issue, forward it to friends, work associates, neighbors, anyone who might want to learn more about the real world of migrating to a clean energy environment. In this issue:


IN THIS EDITION (May, 2017):

   PERSONAL - Expanding the Market for Rooftop Solar

   LOCAL/CITY - Grid Alternatives Bringing Solar to Low-Income Families in Silicon Valley

   STATE - California Leads Nation in Clean Energy — Time to Push Further

   REGIONAL - Spare the Air, Cool the Climate

   NATIONAL - Marching for Science and the Climate


   BOOK REVIEW- Our Renewable Future: Laying the Path for One Hundred Percent Clean Energy

   SPOTLIGHT - Sandra Slater and Palo Alto Forward


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