Happy New Year, SVCAN readers. Here’s our January 2018 issue, full of good climate news to offset the D.C. bad news machine. Solar and wind energy availability continues to grow exponentially on a global basis, EV sales are booming, but we still need more and more voters to change Congress so that progressive climate legislation can be enacted. One of the best things you can do for the climate is to help climate progressive candidates get elected in your city, in California and across the nation. Together, we can go from the streets to the polls in 2018!

Please, as before, forward this issue to all your lists with a request for further distribution to whole groups. Readers can subscribe to the SVCAN newsletter and are encouraged to do so. A note from you reminding them how healthy it is to read some good news about the climate will be most appreciated.

PERSONAL - Online Apps Help Offset Carbon Footprints 

STATE -  State Bill Seeks to Ban Gas Cars after 2040 and PUC Orders Use of Battery Storage

REGIONAL - Portland Fuel Terminal Ban Upheld by Court of Appeals

NATIONAL - Keystone XL Hits Snag in Nebraska and Tax Bill Spares Renewable Energy 

INTERNATIONAL - Australia to Build World’s Largest Solar Thermal Plant


BOOK REVIEW - Don’t Even Think About It: Why Are Brains Are Wired to Ignore Climate Change,
By George Marshall, 2015



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