The summer 2017 and 4th issue of SVCAN was just released. We’ve added a new “International” section, since much of the good news about bold national climate policy continues to be from outside of the U.S.

In California, while there is some good news regarding climate legislation in Sacramento that we can report, much of what has been recently enacted, especially AB 398 which extends our cap and trade system, is misguided and may not have the needed effect of rapidly slowing carbon emissions in the state. Please write to your legislators to support
SB 100..see info on that later.

Please, as before, forward this issue to all your lists with a request for further distribution to whole groups. Readers can subscribe to the SVCAN newsletter and are encouraged to do so. A note from you reminding them how healthy it is to read some good news about the climate will be most appreciated.

PERSONAL - Support Solar XL: Panels not Pipes

LOCAL/CITY - San Mateo County Sues Fossil Fuel Companies

STATE - California Extends Cap-and-Trade, Voting on 100% Renewable Energy Soon

NATIONAL - Kids Take U.S. to Court Over Climate Change

INTERNATIONAL - Countries Around the World Commit to Electric Vehicles


BOOK REVIEW - How Culture Shapes the Climate Change Debate, Andrew J. Hoffman, 2015

SPOTLIGHT - Menlo Spark and Diane Bailey

Climate Progress


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