Here’s the September 2017 issue of SVCAN. This is your source of good news about climate-saving progress being made on many levels...Personal, Local/City, Regional, State, National and International. Thanks to the dedication and work of thousands of volunteers across our nation and in the Silicon Valley, we continue to move the climate movement agenda forward in the U.S. against the power, money and influence of the fossil fuel industry.

We’ve included several “what you can do” suggestions and our goal in sending this information to you is to increase that list of climate volunteers and activists. Happy reading from the SVCAN staff.

Please, as before, forward this issue to all your lists with a request for further distribution to whole groups. Readers can subscribe to the SVCAN newsletter and are encouraged to do so. A note from you reminding them how healthy it is to read some good news about the climate will be most appreciated.

PERSONAL - Trump Forest: Where Ignorance Grows Trees

LOCAL/CITY - More Local Communities Sue the Fossil Fuel Industry

REGIONAL - New Home-Customized Energy Savings Program and Community Engagement Platform

STATE - Legislative Session Ends for 2017, More Work to Do

NATIONAL - Community Solar on the Rise as Americans Consume Less Electricity

INTERNATIONAL - China Meets 2020 Goal for Solar Capacity 3 Years Early and Bans New Fossil Fuel Cars


BOOK REVIEW - Retreat from a Rising Sea, Orrin H. Pilkey, Linda Pilkey-Jarvis, and Keith C. Pilkey, 2016

SPOTLIGHT - James Tuleya, Chairman of the Board of Carbon Free Silicon Valley (CFSV)



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