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What We Do - 350SV No Tar Sands Team

Organizes to support 350.org’s national campaign against the construction of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, and to fight the import of tar sands bitumen to Bay Area refineries. We work to build support for regional, state and federal policies focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation fuels in the Bay Area, California and nationwide.

How We Do It:

• We’ve helped organize the largest climate rally in Bay Area history on 2/17/13

• We’ve collected signatures to reach a million comments to the State Department against KXL

•  We’ve commented at a public workshop of the Bay Area Air District on refinery emissions regulation.

• We are doing research, education, outreach on tar sands and KXL, and are open to all new ideas to stop KXL and tar sands.

• We are resisting the creation of new fossil fuel infrastructure, such as refinery expansions and rail terminals allowing transportation of oil by rail.

Why We Do It:

1. Tar Sands = Game Over For The Planet

Top climate scientist James Hansen has calculated that if you burned all the recoverable oil from the tar sands of Canada, it would be “game over for the planet.”  Fifty years from now, no one will care at all about the fiscal cliff, or the other things that consume our op-ed pages and think tanks. They’ll look back at this year and say: “The Arctic melted. What did you do?” Blocking Keystone XL is not the only thing, but it’s the first step.

2. Stop KXL to Prevent Tar Sand Expansion
Alberta is landlocked. Therefore the oil is not going to “just go somewhere else”. The industry wants to build another pipeline to the Pacific, but activists in First Nations communities have completely bottled it up — no industry analyst thinks it will be built for many years, if ever. We are shutting down the only other route, through the U.S. The Keystone XL is essential for building out the tar sands complex; without it, industry analysts say, tar sands expansion plans will have to be scaled back dramatically.

3. Stop More Oil Spills
Tar sands bitumen is very abrasive and corrosive to pipes. There has already been numerous tar sands spill like the Exxon Mobil Pegasus pipeline that burst in Mayflower, Arkansas, on March 29, 2013 pumping tar sands oil into a residential neighborhood for almost an hour. Tar sands spills are much more difficult to clean up than normal oil spills.

4. President Obama can stop the Keystone XL pipeline.
He doesn’t need the permission of Congress. And in return, by stopping Keystone XL, he’d have the beginnings of a climate legacy. He’d be the first world leader to stop a big project because it would be bad for the climate.

5. Bay Area Must Lead The Nation
The Bay Area is one of the most prosperous and technologically advanced metropolitan areas in the world. We can either lead the nation toward a clean energy future, or stand by and watch as the climate catastrophe unfolds. Let the Bay Area be the tip of the spear for the Climate Movement. 

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