“Climate Bills Watch List” March 2019

Green New Deal/Climate Emergency bills

AB1445 (Gloria) – Climate emergency declaration and policy

  • Includes “…conversion of the economy to zero greenhouse gas emissions by no later than 2030, with an immediate phaseout of fossil fuels”

AB 1276 (Bonta) – Green New Deal for California

  • Currently a spot bill stating the intent of the Legislature to pass and implement Green New Deal legislation

AJR 7 (Gloria) – Resolution supporting a federal Green New Deal resolution

  • Calls on Congress to enact legislation for a Green New Deal that would: comprehensively address our current climate emergency; transform our economy to one that places health and wellness of our communities at its center, promotes ecological resilience, and restores biodiversity; authentically include leadership and voices of underrepresented communities via a process that is transparent, inclusive, and democratic; center on a “just transition” and place the economic needs and well-being of workers and frontline communities at the forefront; Respect tribal sovereignty; and create family supporting jobs within the expanding green economy.

Oil and gas infrastructure bills

SB 551 (Jackson) Well decommissioning, cleanup, and remediation costs

  • Requires the Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) to “develop a mechanism to assess the full cost of decommissioning, cleanup, and remediation of infrastructure related to the oil and gas industry, including pipeline facilities, pump facilities, and storage facilities

AB 1441 (Levine) Permit and notice requirements for oil and gas operations

  • Tightens notice and permitting requirements for wells; changes DOGGR’s mission from supporting maximum fuel/mineral extraction to protection of health, property, water quality, and the environment

AB 1328 (Holden) Testing requirements for idle or hazardous wells or facilities

  • Requires emissions testing of any well before decommissioning

AB 1057 (Limón) Bonding requirements for wells

  • Doubles the bonding requirement for wells that are drilled or altered. (editorial note: the doubled amount may still be insufficient)

AB 585 (Limón) Approval requirements for assignment or transfer of an oil, gas, or mineral lease or permit

  • Authorizes the State Lands Commission, when assigning oil, gas, or mineral leases of public lands, to consider whether the leasing entity is likely to comply with the terms of the lease or permit over an extended term


Solid waste/recycling bills

SB 33 (Skinner) – Solid waste reduction & recycling

  • States the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation to address the collapse of foreign recycling markets by reducing solid waste generation, encouraging transition to compostable or recyclable materials, and fostering domestic recycling markets.

SB 54 (Allen) / AB 1080 (Gonzalez) – Single use plastic waste reduction

  • Requires plastic and other single-use materials be reusable, fully recyclable or compostable by 2030; would also require CA to recycle or otherwise divert from landfills 75% of single-use plastics (from 44% of all solid waste diverted as of 2017).

AB 1583 (Eggman) Domestic recycling markets

  • Establishes and extends incentives and revolving loan accounts for paper and plastics recycling


Transportation bills

AB 285 (Friedman) – Transportation climate plan

  • Requires Dept. of Transportation to update the California Transportation Plan to specifically address how the state can meet both its future mobility needs as well as the aggressive carbon reduction goals established by law and executive order.

SB 210 (Leyva) – Smog checks for big rigs

  • Imposes smog check requirements for heavy-duty diesel trucks in California (unlike personal vehicles, current law does not require heavy-duty vehicles to have the same types of smog checks that have been required for passenger cars for decades).

SB 44 (Skinner) – Emission reductions from medium- and heavy-duty vehicles

  • Requires CARB to deliver a strategy for “deployment of medium-duty and heavy-duty vehicles in the state that results in reductions of motor vehicle greenhouse gas emissions, as specified (80% reduction by 2050)

AB 40 (Ting) – Strategy for Clean Cars 2040

  • Directs CARB to develop a comprehensive plan by January 2021 to ensure that sales of new passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks in the state have transitioned fully to zero-emission vehicles by 2040

SB 526 (Allen) Regional Transportation Plans and greenhouse gas emissions

  • Any metropolitan planning organization not on track to meet its 2035 emissions reduction target must prioritize projects that reduce vehicle miles traveled and emissions


PG&E package (Hill)

SB 548 – Inspection of electrical transmission facilities

  • Requires the CPUC to establish an inspection schedule for electricity transmission infrastructure

SB 549 – PG&E ratepayer protection

  • The Legislature must authorize “any capital structure change or increase in rates for PG&E”

SB 550 – Change in structure or control of utilities

  • Before authorizing a merger, acquisition, or change in control of an electrical or gas corporation, the CPUC must ensure that the proposal improves the safety of the utility service


Other climate-related Senate bills

SB 1 (Atkins) - CA Environmental, Public Health, and Workers Defense Act of 2019

  • Makes current federal clean air, climate, clean water, worker safety, and endangered species standards enforceable under state law, even if the federal government rolls back and weakens those standards.

SB 246 (Wieckowski) – Oil & gas severance tax

  • Levies tax of 10% of the average price per barrel of California oil or 10% of the average price per unit of gas; revenues would be directed to the State’s general fund.

SB 43 (Allen) – Carbon intensity tax

  • Directs CARB to study the feasibility of replacing the sales tax with a tax based on the carbon intensity of products, to encourage the use of less carbon-intensive products

SB 288 (Wiener) – Solar bill of rights

  • Protects the right of consumers to generate and store their own clean energy without interference from utility companies; targets tariffs that make it financially unattractive to install renewables and unreasonable barriers to connecting to the grid.

SB 45 (Allen) - Wildfire, Drought, and Flood Protection Bond Act of 2020

  • Authorizes placement of a $4B general obligation bond on the 2020 ballot to fund projects to reduce fire risk and restore already damaged areas, restore and protect impacted wetlands, watersheds, waterways, coastal resources, and fish and wildlife populations, reduce impacts in local communities and on vulnerable populations, and improve the resiliency of the state’s water supplies and agricultural lands.

SB 50 (Wiener) – Relaxed zoning along transit corridors

  • Overrides restrictive, low-density zoning rules imposed by local jurisdictions for housing developments in proximity to high-frequency transit stops and gives concessions on parking and other requirements for eligible developments.


Other climate-related Assembly bills

AB 56 (E. Garcia) – Statewide central electricity procurement entity

  • Requires the PUC and the Energy Commission to provide to the Legislature, by March 2020, a joint assessment of options for establishing a central statewide entity to procure electricity for all end-use retail customers in the state
  • Partners are OPPOSING this bill

AB 1284 (Carrillo) – Define “carbon neutrality”

  • Requires CARB to adopt a regulation defining “carbon neutrality,” consistent with Jerry Brown’s executive order mandating carbon neutrality by 2045

AB 161 (Ting) – “Skip the Slip” Bill

  • Requires businesses to issue e-receipts by 2022, unless a customer specifically requests a hard copy.

AJR 10 (Reyes) – Support California’s Clean Air Act waivers

  • Opposes Trump administration’s move to rescind California’s fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions standards