Another important thing you can do is to cut and paste the following message, add your name and city, and email it to the BAAQMD Board and staff Executive Officer.

Subject: Adopt Rule 12-16 GHG Limits on Bay Area Refineries

Dear BAAQMD Board President Kniss, Members of the Board, and Executive Officer Jack Broadbent,

It’s our time. After several years of hearings, testimonies, and evaluations, we are at an historic juncture where we can make the right binding decision on limits to regional refinery GHG emissions. Bay Area refineries’ attempts to bring tar sands feedstocks into the region would help meet the WSPA’s members’ profitability improvement goals at the expense of the air we breathe locally and the climate and global warming in general.

We urge the Board and staff not to bend to last minute industry pressures to water down Rule 12-16 as it was presented to the Board on May 31. We fully support a strong Rule 12-16 to place numeric limits on the growth of refinery GHGs. And we support a firm, clear GHG refinery emissions rule that does not allow the industry to seek future workarounds and capital modifications to refine tar sands.

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