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emergency.jpgCampaign Update---September 25, 2018



Rise is Over, Many Lessons Learned

Hi to all who have heard of the CLEAN Campaign and its strategy to launch a new climate emergency pledge of resistance.  This summer and into September, culminating in the Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice march on September 8 and the Global Climate Action Summit, has been a terrific learning experience for all of us who have been heavily involved in these summer activities;

  • Two arts builds, Outreach to faith communities, 350SV at the Rise march, and a practice civil disobedience action

On to the Pipeline Funders

As stated in our June all-hands meeting, our initial target for CLEAN campaign attention will be the pipeline funders.  Without their continued lending of billions of dollars for pipeline construction, tar sands can’t get out of Alberta. Change the behavior of those lending institutions and we keep it in the ground.

Wells Fargo is the first major institution we plan to work with, if they are willing, to find ways that they can switch their energy sector lending portfolio from predominantly funding fossil fuel projects like pipelines to funding more rapid expansion of renewable energy. Wells is particularly well positioned to work with us on this, given their;

  • desire as a corporation to regain the trust of their customer base,
  • HQ and senior executives close proximity to the Silicon Valley, and
  • stated strategy to be a leading lender in the transition to a clean, renewable energy world.   

To prepare for our discussions and actions related to Wells, here are current and planned CLEAN Campaign activities and we need help in all of these key areas:

  • CLEAN Campaign Website Information- Stew Plock and Monika Gorkani are are developing a web presence for the CLEAN Campaign. The initial pages on 350 Silicon Valley’s website include an introduction to the campaign and our new Pledge of Resistance where you are encouraged (PLEASE) to sign the campaign pledge and receive further information on the campaign and plans regarding our first set of actions.
  • Wells Fargo Information Database- Steve Rosenblum (with research help from David Stamler) is organizing the effort to assemble a definitive database of information on Wells Fargo-- their organization structure and executive and board management, their presence in the energy sector (including Bay Area fossil fuel infrastructure), major customers such as Chevron and Enbridge, lead lending to  pipelines (Keystone XL, DAPL, Line 3), and other information to be shared within our team and other partnering organizations.
  • Outreach to Social Justice Organizations- we want to include frontline and social justice organizations in San Jose and on the Peninsula in the CLEAN Campaign-- planning and doing. We’re seeking 2 individuals (one in San Jose and one in the Mid-Peninsula) to help organize and schedule meetings with those organizations so we can start the process of developing relationships.
  • Outreach to Faith Communities- similarly, we plan to reach out to many communities of faith to fully involve their congregations in the next phase of the Silicon Valley climate movement. We feel that one of the keys to turning the corner on climate change is when communities of faith immerse themselves in the movement. Needs here involve partnering with faith-climate alliances and individual clergy to follow up on the Rise enthusiasm from communities of faith.
  • Specific NVDA Targeting Plans- we know from the “Arrestable” film what 350 Seattle has been doing to get the attention of pipeline funders. A few of us will be gathering ideas on specifically what we should plan to do this fall as it relates to Wells Fargo.  If you have any suggestions for types of actions, or want to help on any of the tasks listed here, please forward them to Ralph (, or Stew Plock (
  • Monthly CLEAN Campaign Workshops/Meetings- as soon as we have a better feel for the nature of our actions, which will require a lot of planning and preparation, be on the lookout for an invitation to what will become regular monthly meetings for the campaign.  We'll start in one location somewhere between San Jose and the Peninsula and could move to two locations as the campaign evolves.  And we'll:
    • learn what’s happening with planned actions,
    • work as a whole group or in breakouts on specific tasks, and
    • socialize and get to know each other better