Climate Solutions

Stopping the fossil fuel runaway train is critical, but to solve the climate crisis, we also need to accelerate the switch to clean energy! This is the objective of 350SV's Climate Solutions campaign.

We focus on three strategies:



1. Electrification of natural gas appliances

The combustion of natural gas in furnaces and water heaters is responsible for roughly twice as much greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as the use of electricity in the average Bay Area home. Electrifying natural gas appliances with high-efficiency heat pump appliances represents the largest opportunity for GHG reductions from housing in the Bay Area. Technology solutions exist and can be cost-effective with appropriate policy measures, but their market adoption is currently hindered by a lack of awareness by consumers, contractors and policy makers. To achieve California’s goal of reducing GHG emissions by 80 percent below 1990 by 2050 or earlier, it will be necessary to electrify almost all natural gas appliances in residential and commercial buildings. This will require a combination of policy changes, at both state and local level, to remove regulatory barriers and accelerate the market development of high-efficiency electric alternatives.

The objective of this campaign is to accelerate the electrification of natural gas appliances in Silicon Valley by raising awareness of electrification as a clean energy solution and by working with local city governments and utilities to implement enabling policies and programs.


2. Greener transportation

Transportation is responsible for roughly half of all GHG emissions in the Bay Area. policies that reduce single-occupancy car trips, encourage transit and biking, and encourage the transition to electric vehicles are critical to reduce GHGs and smog in the Bay Area. We are working to influence local transportation planning and funding through policy processes such as VTA’s Envision Silicon Valley.


3. Decarbonizing electricity

While California is making progress towards cleaner electricity with the goal that 50 percent of electricity generated will be renewable by 2030, there remains opportunities to go further and faster in the Bay Area, through Community Choice Energy, community solar, deployment of energy storage, demand response, etc. Our goal is to accelerate the shift to 100 percent clean electricity in the Bay Area.


Come and help accelerate the deployment of climate solutions in Silicon Valley and California, join us at our next climate solutions team meeting!