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350SV volunteers weigh in on important climate issues at the local, state, and federal levels. Join one or more of our topic-focused teams, or sign up to be notified about district office visits with our legislators, by checking the boxes on our volunteer sign-up form. Many leg/policy volunteers also join City Teams, which work on local issues with local decision makers.

The Legislation/Policy Team meets on Zoom at 7 pm on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday evenings each month. Our monthly agendas and meeting notes are here. Check out our next meeting!

state legislation

Our active legislative team focuses on bills that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and speed California toward our goal of 100 percent renewable electricity, while we take positions on a wide range of environmental measures and climate finance bills. We often work in collaboration with environmental groups around the state. And, we watch the state agencies charged with implementing the programs mandated by the Legislature or the Governor, and prepare comments on plans and policies.

We meet with our local representatives (usually over Zoom these days) on a regular basis. After the 2021 legislative session ends on September 10, we'll be meeting with our Senators and Assembly members to suggest climate bills for 2022, the second year of the current two-year session.

Our volunteers also track the state agency actions that implement laws and the Governor's executive orders. We're paying especially close attention to the California Energy Commission as it updates the state building code to include requirements for building electrification and electric vehicle charging; and to the California Air Resources Board (CARB), which has begun the regular update process for the state's Scoping Plan, the blueprint for implementing our landmark climate change legislation. The more volunteers we have watching agency policy making, the better job we can do commenting and urging bold climate action. Please join us! Scroll down for our signup form.

Priority bills 2022

This has been a tough and disapointing year for climate legislation in Sacramento. Nearly all of the bills we were excited about at the beginning of the year—banning fracking, establishing public health buffers around oil and gas operations, committing to a faster transition to clean energy—died in committee, were weakened in the amendment process, or turned into "2-year bills," which means their authors may (or may not) bring them back for another go in January 2022. Below, some of the best survivors. The 2021 session ended on September 10, when all the bills passed by both houses moved to the Governor's desk for his approval or veto.





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federal issues and legislation

We started 350SV’s federal legislation team in 2020, when the magnitude of the COVID relief bills passed by Congress made clear that the federal response to the pandemic, and specifically to families’ and small businesses’ unprecedented need for support will require a whole-budget rethink when we reach the end of the crisis. At the same time, many of our national partners began lobbying in D.C. for “No Fossil Fuel Bailouts” in stimulus bills.

For the past several months we've been teaming up with 350 Seattle's federal legislation team, sharing the work of analyzing federal bills and also watching the unfolding infrastructure dramas in D.C. We welcome members of other 350 groups to join us!

federal legislation we're watching in 2021

​Here are a few of the bills we are looking at on the federal level.

  • S.1167 (Sanders) — The End Polluter Welfare Act of 2021

  • S.558 (Feinstein) — Addressing Climate Financial Risk Act of 2021

  • H.R. 2826 (Velazquez) — Establish a Global Climate Resilience Strategy

  • H.R. 2570 (Casten) — Climate Risk Disclosure Act of 2021

  • H.R. 744 (Clarke) — FEMA Climate Change Preparedness Act



For more information, contact:

Janet Cox, Legislative Team Lead


For more information, contact