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350SV volunteers weigh in on important climate issues at the local, state, and federal levels. Join one or more of our topic-focused teams, or sign up to be notified about district office visits with our legislators, by checking the boxes on our volunteer sign-up form. Many leg/policy volunteers also join City Teams, which work on local issues with local decision makers.

The Legislation/Policy Team meets on Zoom at 7 pm on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday evenings each month. Our monthly agendas and meeting notes are here. Please join one of our meetings, try us out!

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Priority Bills 2022

  • SB778 (Becker)- Buy Clean California Act: Environmental Product Declarations- CalTrans buys 40% of all cement sold in California: Add cement to the Buy Clean California climate-friendly purchasing requirements

  • SB905 (Skinner)Decarbonized Cement and Geologic Carbon Sequestration Demonstration Act- Since the exhaust plume from cooking limestone into cement is the richest in CO2 of any smokestack emissions, the cement industry is the best opportunity to advance the science of the often-greenwashed "carbon capture and storage." Also, this industry can never achieve really climate-safeness if the rich-plume part of their business isn't addressed.

  • SB1173 (Gonzalez)CalPERS/CalSTRS divestment from fossil fuels Act

  • AB1939 (Luz Rivas)- Pupil instruction: science requirements: climate change- Commencing with the class graduating in the 2027–28 school year, would add the requirement that at least one science course include material on the causes and effects of climate change.

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federal issues and legislation

We started 350SV’s federal legislation team in 2020, when the magnitude of the COVID relief bills passed by Congress made clear that the federal response to the pandemic, and specifically to families’ and small businesses’ unprecedented need for support will require a whole-budget rethink when we reach the end of the crisis. At the same time, many of our national partners began lobbying in D.C. for “No Fossil Fuel Bailouts” in stimulus bills.

For the past several months we've been teaming up with 350 Seattle's federal legislation team, sharing the work of analyzing federal bills and also watching the unfolding infrastructure dramas in D.C. We welcome members of other 350 groups to join us!

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