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Welcome to the 350 SV Los Altos City Team Page! We hope you will join us in our efforts to make Los Altos a more sustainable city. Together, we can unite our voices and demand that Los Altos city legislators recognize the climate crisis we are facing.


cheryl weiden


Los Altos Team Lead Cheryl Weiden has a background in business. After earning her MBA, she worked in finance in marketing for Southern Pacific, IBM, and HP.  She has two grown children. About 15 years ago she and her husband listened to the audiobook, "The Weatherman." This was their first introduction to the unfolding climate crisis.  They both turned our attention to what they could do to advocate for the future of their children. Cheryl has been active in a number of environmental groups including Sierra Club, GreenFoothills, 350SV, and  GreenTown Los Altos.  

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