Divestment Seminar in Belmont May 20

Do your investments reflect your values? If you own mutual funds or bank with a major bank, you are likely to be supporting the world's largest polluters: fossil fuel companies. Sign up here to learn how you can move your money to cleaner pastures. 

Also: Tell CalPERS and CalSTRS to DefundDAPL

California's giant public pension funds - California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) and California State Teachers' Retirement System (CalSTRS) - own a major chunk of Energy Transfer Partners, the company building the pipeline. The board of CalPERS is voting at a public meeting on February 13th on whether to support a plan to divest from DAPL. Currently, they plan to oppose divestment. Unlike most of the investors in the Dakota Access Pipeline, they have to listen to the public — if we speak out.  Rally and petition


We're 45.0% of the way to our goal, help us get there!


#DefundDAPL Campaign

There are 17 banks providing $2.5 BILLION dollars of funding for building the Dakota Access Pipeline that would carry dirty, climate destroying tar sands oil across sacred Native American land and water. At left are the main Bay Area culprits.

There are better alternatives in the Bay Area for your checking, savings, and credit cards. Examples:

These local banks offer free savings, checking and credit cards. They employ and lend locally; and give to the community and charities.

  • Beneficial Sierra Club Visa - “miles” + donation to Sierra Club/etc

  • Provident Visa: competitive 1.5% cash back.

Contact Your Bank and tell them why you're leaving them.

Contact information is here.

Your Investments

If you have mutual funds, stocks, and bonds in your portfolio, there's a good chance you're investing in financial institutions, and worse, fossil fuel companies themselves, that fuel climate catastrophe. But there is a thriving divestment movement that has so far resulted in over $5 trillion pledged to be fossil free

There are organizations like DivestInvest.org promoting personal and individual divestment. They can help you get started. You can also take the first step and pledge to divest here. If you want to see for yourself how polluted any of your assets are, visit fossilfreefunds.org.

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