Divestment Team

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Divesting Fossil Fuels from Your Portfolio

Want to move your money to greener pastures? We periodically host seminars on personal divestment. Learn how to move your money from dirty fossil-fueled institutions and investments to clean sustainable ones. Join our email list to be notified of our next seminar, coming soon!

Tell Palo Alto City Council to #DefundDAPL and #Divest

Our stand with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is far from over. As a follow-on to the recent successful downtown march and City Council appearances, 350SV and our alliance partners urge all members to take a moment to sign this petition. Palo Alto recently adopted new fossil free investment policy, but its main banking partner is DAPL financier US Bank (holdings exceed $10M) and the City has another $7M with other DAPL financiers including Chase, Goldman Sachs, HSBC and Wells Fargo. Tell Palo Alto to do the right thing!  We are also working on getting the city of Mountain View out of fossil fuel investments.

What We Do

Our strategy is to influence nearby cities, religious organizations, college campuses, and retirement funds to divest from fossil fuel companies and re-invest in sustainable energy. Currently, team members are working within four faith communities and one university (Stanford).  We hope that as our team grows we will work on divestment campaigns for cities and employee retirement funds. 

How We Do It

  • We meet periodically to discuss and support our members’ divestment related activities.
  • We create, discover and share resources and links to useful information
  • Through our meetings, chat group, and Google group we help each other stay abreast of developments in the nationwide divestment movement
  • We provide information (and speakers) to individuals and groups about socially responsible investment options
  • We work with national 350.org to refine the communication among local groups across the country

Why We Do It

  • Final Goal: keep 80% of the known fossil fuel reserves in the ground, to avoid catastrophic climate change
  • Immediate goal: gain public acceptance that just as it’s morally wrong to wreck the climate, it’s morally wrong to profit from wrecking the climate. Get as many institutions and individuals as possible to discuss and begin divesting funds from the top 200 fossil fuel companies
  • Intermediate goal: compel the influential people who sit on boards of colleges, religious institutions, retirement boards, as well as those in the investment community, to face the reality that if the fossil fuel companies fulfill their mission, they will wreck the earth
  • Bring enough negative publicity to gradually revoke the social license that fossil fuel companies enjoy

For more information go to www.gofossilfree.org