Don’t Boo Hoo, Vote. Exponentiate Your Vote!

image001.jpgIf you are like me, the recent IPCC report left you sad, worried, discouraged . But, I
hope, like me, you have resolved to not panic and to channel your energy into action
instead of despair. (In case you missed it, you can read articles about the IPCC
report here and here, and you can find the full report here.) There are many
individual actions we can take to lower our carbon footprint, which I’m sure many of
you are already doing. But, it is clear we need large-scale collective action to really
have the impact needed to stem the most catastrophic effects of climate change. And
to do that we need more elected officials who are committed to immediate, strong
action. So, one of the most important things we can do is seek out and vote for those
Even better than voting, is voting and getting other people to vote also – especially
younger people, who believe in climate action at higher rates, but tend to vote at
lower rates. There are many ways to multiply your vote:

  • Talking to voters in person
  • Texting voters
  • Writing letters/postcards to voters
  • Calling voters on the phone
  • Getting 3+ friends to vote
  • Driving people to the polls
  • Holding a mini-party at your house and doing these actions together

Maybe you have been getting requests from candidates and organizations to
volunteer to help get people to the polls. IT’S TIME TO TAKE THEM UP ON IT! If you
haven’t received any volunteer solicitations, a quick Google search can pull up how
to volunteer for the candidate or organization of your choice. If you are already
writing postcards, or phone banking, or canvassing, you can multiply your vote even
more by getting your friends to join you in those efforts. We only have a few weeks
until the mid-term elections, so we all have our work cut out for us.
Exponentiate your vote!
One final note: even local non-partisan elections are important. If you aren’t sure
who to vote for, check in with your local Sierra Club chapter so see if they have
made endorsements (Loma Prieta Chapter, San Francisco Bay Chapter)