food & climate

what we do

  • Educate the public and policy-makers on the devastating impacts of animal agriculture on climate, environmental racism, and other critical environmental and humanitarian issues.

  • Advocate for legislation to promote sustainable and just food systems. 

  • Promote model programs for sustainable food choices.


how we do it

  • Host events that combine social activities such as plant-based potlucks and recipe swaps with informative programs linking food with other critical environmental issues.

  • Create expert panel events to educate the public and create support for positive legislative proposals at municipal, county, and state levels.

  • Team Up with allies to promote sustainable food programs and legislation.


why we do it

  • The important role of diet and agriculture in climate change is not widely appreciated. 

  • The way we produce food also damages human health, water quality, animal welfare, and other social goods, providing an opportunity to collaborate with activists in many issue areas.

  • Significant reductions in GHG emissions can be achieved if we promote adoption of sustainable food programs and policies at many levels of society.