Announcing our new Letter-Writing Team!

writing_letter_edited-2.png"Let's hype the hope!" with a flood of letters to politicians and the media. The technology for a carbon-free world is ready and the economics are favorable. We just need to get over the hump of political resistance. A big noise from the constituency is the push that is needed. Letter writing is an effective, easy and fun way to do that.

The team will be led by master letter writer Bill Cutler! Bill has had great success with letters to the media. He has had letters published in the New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Christian Science Monitor, as well as several in local papers. Carolyn Lochhead is a writer at the Chronicle who writes good articles on climate. When Bill lets her know that he likes her article she always writes back with thanks, so he knows his letters are having an effect.

According to Bill, writing to the media is easy.  Just key off of an article they've published.  Thank them for it and take it to the next step to make the point you want to get across.  Keep it brief, clear and within the word limit (usually 150 or 200 words).

Writing to politicians is effective too.  Key your message to legislation that is before them.  Keep the momentum going after the global climate conference in Paris.

To participate, send Bill your name and e-mail address and he'll send you the guidelines for participating. The easiest way is to be a relay point for letters he sends out. At a more active level, be a scout for letter opportunities to the media and politicians, be a wordsmith for sample letters, and recruit people from all over the country to participate in this campaign. To contact Bill, join the team google group by clicking on this LINK  and then selecting "apply for membership"