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Welcome to the March 2018 issue of SVCAN, the Silicon Valley Climate Action Alliance Newsletter.  Besides our great articles and regular announcements, we are announcing our alliance's first ever partnership in an exciting new forum series that deals with the key Silicon Valley issues of traffic and transportation, housing, and climate change---how we can address all three simultaneously. Please check out the dates and attend.

Please, as before, forward this issue to all your lists with a request for further distribution to whole groups. Readers can subscribe to the SVCAN newsletter and are encouraged to do so. A note from you reminding them how healthy it is to read some good news about the climate will be most appreciated.

PERSONAL - Is It Time to Move Your Money? 

LOCAL -  San Jose Announces Ambitious New Climate Plan

REGIONAL - Pacific Coast Collaborative is Leader for New US Climate Action

NATIONAL - Young Voters and Plaintiffs Seeking Climate Action

INTERNATIONAL - Sahara Solar: North Africa Providing Power to Europe




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