No Way in San Jose
Keep Phillips 66 Oil Trains Out of the Bay Area


"Every resident should reach out to San Luis Obispo Board of Supervisors to let them know how we feel about protecting our community."
  - Mayor Sam Liccardo, San Jose


We can stop these mile-long oil trains loaded with tar sands crude from coming through San José and the East Bay, but only with enough boots on the ground to counter Phillips 66 money and local political influence.

We’re Winning...Halting Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Projects  Up and down the West Coast, communities are successfully halting the construction of fossil fuel infrastructure projects.  Coming together as broad coalitions, the climate movement has halted oil and coal export terminal proposals by Valero in Benecia, Shell in Anacortes, and, and Bowie Industries (coal) in Oakland in just the past year alone.

Phillips 66 and Santa Maria  The history of this project started more than 3 years ago, when oil giant Phillips 66 (P66) submitted plans to bring mile-long trains carrying millions of gallons of highly toxic and explosive crude oil several times a week through the Bay Area including San Jose. These 2500+ mile trips would terminate at the P66 refinery in Santa Maria, in San Luis Obispo County. This project is the largest oil-by-rail system with impact on our region under consideration and that’s why we’ve committed to stopping it.

California's gasoline consumption has been declining for the last 10 years, so gasoline refined by the oil to be transported by these trains this is primarily destined for export, which is irresponsible given the global nature of climate change.

Disasters Waiting to Happen  Derailments, venting of toxic chemicals and associated health hazards, explosions and fires causing injuries and/or deaths, damage to waterways, agriculture and natural habitats, local emergency responders not equipped to deal with major derailments, and the added negative impact on climate warming by refining tar sands or Bakken dirty crude are all solid reasons for eliminating oil by rail transport, and for stopping the P66 proposal.

It's not over yet Even though the San Luis Obispo County Planning Commission rejected the Phillips 66 project proposal this past October, P66 has appealed to the County’s Board of Supervisors (BOS). And P66 has initiated a lawsuit claiming that the county’s Planning Department didn’t come to the right conclusion in the Environmental Impact Report. The new BOS has scheduled hearings starting Monday, March 13, and continuing as required for the rest of that week. Climate organizations are planning a mass rally at noon on the 13th and we hope all in the San Jose Blast Zone who are able can attend.

Call to Action We in San Jose need to keep reminding the SLO BOS that we are determined to do all we can to halt this project. While the decision is fully up to the SLO supervisors, we can write letters, attend rallies in SLO around the upcoming new public input hearings, and activate our San Jose communities in opposition to the P66 proposal.


That’s the goal of 350 Silicon Valley’s “No Way in San Jose” campaign for activate as many San Joseans as we can in opposition to the P66 project. Please contact us to plan a community discussion in your neighborhood about the threat of oil trains to San Jose.

Actions YOU can take to stop this project: 

CLICK HERE to sign and send a letter to the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors in opposition to this project.

Join us at the No Oil Trains Rally in SLO on Monday, March 13th. For more information, CLICK HERE

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