Partner Event: Show Your Support for All-Electric Buildings in Menlo Park

Organized By: Sierra Club

Menlo Park's electrification ordinance is an opportunity to reduce emissions and improve the health and well being of our residents. Come show your support!

In this City Council meeting, Menlo Park will decide whether or not to authorize their staff to begin working on building electrification codes. These codes, called "Reach Codes", would focus on encouraging new construction to be all-electric and would require solar production on new nonresidential buildings.

Electric infrastructure reduces greenhouse gas emissions, improves indoor air quality and is more cost-effective to build and operate. This effort will improve the health of Menlo Park residents while reducing the carbon footprint of the City.  

In agenda item i3 of this City Council meeting[1], Council will review a staff report prepared by the City Manager's office[2] which describes policy options and recommendations for building electrification codes. Council will decide whether or not to authorize staff to develop these building codes and apply for a $10,000 reach code grant.

Please bring your comment in writing so you can submit it to city staff if you have to leave before our agenda item is heard by the Council.