Silicon Valley’s CLEAN Campaign

CLimate Emergency Action Network

Our planet’s atmosphere and its climate are in a crisis. To turn that around, we’re building a network of individuals who 1) know that humans and large corporations are causing this climate emergency, and 2) are ready to take the next step to bring the crisis to a halt. Sure, we’re transitioning to a clean, 100% renewable economy, but it’s the gradual, slow pace of that transition that’s the issue. As Bill McKibben, 350’s founder, says, “winning slowly is losing.”

The fossil fuel industry, including the banks, transport companies and politicians that support it, are charging full speed ahead, authorized by an ill-informed and heavily lobbied Congress. We’re in a real climate emergency, and we need Climate Justice Now. With a new Pledge of Resistance (register below), we’re inviting citizens and groups of the region to help move more quickly to a clean economy.

We’re fighting harder than ever. We need individuals of conscience to stand up and say, in the most powerful way possible, we will not comply with a system that compels us to climate disaster. Of course, direct action and civil disobedience are tools too important to be used lightly, and we won’t.

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Where there’s a bank funding pipelines (such as Wells Fargo, our first area of attention), or a governor allowing fracking to continue and refineries to expand, or an oil company pushing tar sands into the Bay Area….we have to be ready to respond, and quickly. Meanwhile, we’ll be offering trainings, and organizing a broad and strong resistance like never before–keep an eye on our calendar and emails and check out our campaign organization, our partners, our greatest needs for help, and our resources.

First Target: Oily Wells Fargo 

Wells Fargo continues to fund major pipelines and other fossil fuel projects, while the planet needs to move much more rapidly to renewable energy. Through the use of relentless non-violent direct action and public relations, our goal is to get Well's CEO Tim Sloan to change the bank's policies regarding funding the climate crisis. No funding from Wells, no more tar sands pipelines, and Canada can keep it in the ground!  It's that simple, you can do it, Oily Wells!  And we're here to help Mr. Sloan decide what's in the bank's and the climate's best interests. "Already pledged?  Then learn more about The Secret of Oily Wells here.

Pledge of Resistance

“I pledge to defend and protect our climate by participating in Nonviolent Direct Action and Civil Disobedience (either by risking arrest or in a supporting role) for a faster and more just transition to a clean energy economy.”