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Emergency Mutual Aid for Texans

EMERGENCY MUTUAL AID NEEDED NOW! Texans are now drinking very dangerous water after a deadly winter storm caused power blackouts at treatment facilities. Texas Working Families Party and the national 350.org organization are organizing direct aid. This is the information we have as of Sunday, Feb.21.

Communities need people to purchase these items and mail them to the addresses below. These recipients are distributing the items to Houston communities in need and the Carrizo/Comecrudo tribes. There are different price points which helps folks identify what they can purchase and directly send to save the lives of communities in need. Supplies Needed:

Send to: HOUSTON (organizing Org T.E.J.A.S): Bryan Parras, 3302 Canal Street Ste 27, Houston, TX 77003 CARRIZO/COMECRUDO Tribe of Texas: Juan Mancias 1250 Roemer, Floresville, TXX 78114