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Swedish platform is looking for global partners

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Amazing solutions, awesome ideas, and significant innovation leaps are born when people with different backgrounds come together for a common cause. That is why we, to obtain a successful sustainable development, need to partner up at global, regional, national, and local levels. We, at the Swedish platform Closer, need your help to find the right partners in Silicon Valley to - together - develop a global sustainable goods transportation system.

GUEST BLOGGER. In the Decade of Action, the UN is pointing at the importance of strong global cooperation; successful sustainable development requires inclusive partnerships at global, regional, national, and local levels. We at CLOSER offer exactly this.

Closer is an open platform with the goal to achieve efficient and sustainable goods transportation systems. We are based in Sweden, and we want to expand our international network. CLOSER is part of Lindholmen Science Park, a non-profit organization focusing on future mobility for people and goods. It's a neutral environment gathering different organizations to conduct research and development projects. Public funds, industry, and academia finance us.

Logistics supply chains are huge and stretch to all corners of the world. The monetary value is massive, and many people are affected. In 2015 it was estimated that international trade-related freight transport accounts for around 30 percent of all transport-related CO2 emissions from fuel combustion. It's not a surprise that it's crucial to cooperate on a global scale.

CLOSER is engaged in urban and long-distance logistics, energy supply, and digitized logistics. Here are some examples of what we do:

Electrification of regional freight transports with new ways of working and new kinds of agreements between parties; Such transformation has implications on basics like common resources, business models, public governance and institutions, infrastructure, distribution of costs and risks, and how to attain behavioral changes. In a new flagship collaboration project, CLOSER will come together with global truck manufacturers, electricity network and energy companies, charging station operators, haulers, goods recipients, and public actors to test and develop regional electrified heavy truck transports in Sweden using a network of charging infrastructure. The intention is a future large-scale national introduction.

Geofencing enabling fossil-free and safe urban areas. Geofencing technology is unique in its large scale implementation opportunities: powerful, cost-efficient, and flexible. A virtual digital fence is applied to connected vehicles. For instance, to only allow electric drive in certain areas or speed restrictions outside schools. Geofencing functionality could be implemented via policy and legislation. Another idea is to provide valuable information in a feedback loop from the vehicles' infrastructure, making it a business advantage to stay connected.

Zero emissions heavy vehicles in the city. CLOSER has been part of introducing electrified heavy goods and waste disposal vehicles into commercial traffic in the City of Gothenburg, Sweden. Including investigations regarding range capacity, suitable routes, viable business models, charging infrastructure, and efficient power supply. This concept is an amazing opportunity to export to other cities.

These initiatives and many more could only have happened in an environment full of energy, diversity, and inclusion.

One important next step on CLOSER's journey is to reach international partners - from industry, public sector, academia, or civil society who agree that collaboration is key to a sustainable goods transportation system. We believe international collaboration provides enormous benefits, including maximizing innovation power, knowledge sharing, dissemination of great ideas, access to the best technology, harmonizing solutions, increased global accountability, and understanding. Do you want to work with us? Do you know a promising startup working with sustainable transportations?

We would love to hear from you!

Anna Kristiansson, Senior Project Manager at CLOSER, relocated back to Sweden from Mountain View in 2019.

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