Summer Activities

Preparing for the CLEAN Campaign

  • Faith Community Outreach- Ralph King took “Arrestable” to some 10 communities of faith plus other social organizations. We and members of Peninsula Interfaith Climate Action were also involved in sending Rise information to many Silicon Valley congregations, and several had sizeable attendance at Rise. Combined with the faith group organizing done very well by GreenFaith, 3000 marchers at the Rise march showed the readiness of communities of faith to take the next steps in the Bay Area climate movement.
  • 350SV Arts Build July 21- Kathy Pimentel hosted and led an arts build event in Willow Glen. 15-20 attendees crafted a dozen of Kathy’s patented Rise signs and assembled kits for faith communities to use in fabricating their own signs for the Rise march.
  • David Solnit and our San Jose Arts Build August 24- David Solnit,’s national arts programs director, led 40 of us in a fun day and evening of art creation---silk screened and hand painted dozens of Rise signs, made a huge “Climate Emergency is Now” banner, and saw how to make a street mural.  Plus, we practiced songs for Rise with the Peace Poets, a terrific Hip Hop group  traveling with David’s road program. All we learned is transferable to our first actions vs.the pipeline funders, with much thanks to Ralph King, again, for organizing this very successful event.
  • Rise March September 8- 350SV was well-represented for the march in San Francisco (which drew 30,000 marchers and ended with creation of 40 street murals) thanks primarily to the Rise 350SV project manage- ment of Paul Elliott and Kathy Pimentel and help from Mark Grossman.  Besides all the faith community marchers that we had a hand in getting to the city, 350SV’s contingent of some 25 loyalists presented a fantastic image to cameras with our new banner spanning the width of the march, followed by a row of some 10 “Rise for Justice, or Climate” signs that Kathy designed and built with us
  • GCAS Civil Disobedience September 13- Ralph King and Mel Liu organized a Silicon Valley contingency of 7 “I’m willing to risk arrest” individuals and 7 persons in a supporting role. This wasn’t a CLEAN campaign action, merely taking advantage of an opportunity, since the overall planning for the civil disobedience around Jerry Brown’s summit was done by other groups, well experienced in blockades. In this, our practice CD action, we teamed with 1000 Grandmothers and blocked 3rd Street for vehicular traffic for 2 hours. The experience taught us how peaceful, large and very impactful street actions are organized and executed. Brown, the assembled summit attendees, and the press got the message--Cap and Trade and long-term renewable energy goals are not enough..keep it in the ground!