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Climate action program

Thank you for taking local climate action in your City! This interactive website will guide you to find information that will create a “climate scorecard” for your City, and develop relationships with your local leaders. This process, in turn, will help shape an appropriate city climate advocacy strategy.  


As you work through the website, you can watch videos and check out links for information about several topics. All responses are optional, and though you may find it helpful to follow the order of the topics, it is not necessary to do so.  


If you get stuck or have questions as you work through this website, feel free to reach out to the City Action Team at [email address].

Please enter your full name and email address to begin. Entering this information allows you to save your form progress.


basic City information

Gather basic information about your City and City Council members.

A) Find basic information about your city.

B) Document the following information about each city council member.

Email Address


City’s Climate Landscape

There are a number of climate policies and programs that Cities can implement to tackle climate change at the local level. We recommend watching the short video to learn more about each of these. Then, fill in the information that you can find through your City’s website. You can ask your City Council members about any item that you can’t find through your City’s website (see Step # 3, below).

A) What climate actions has your city implemented? WE SHOULD DISCUSS THIS

Current City Climate Action

B) If your city has a Climate Action Plan (“CAP”), briefly read through it and/or any executive summary that is included. CAPs tend  to be dense, so it 's perfectly fine to not entirely understand everything (or anything) in it! If it is difficult to understand, feel free to skip this question.


Contact Your City Council

Enter detailed information here.

A) [NOT ACTUAL TITLE] Extra Information Gathering? should this be in #2? should this be after part B?

C) Email each council member and set up meetings to discuss current and future climate action. Find out how you can help with their own climate agendas. View this template here. [ADD MORE INSTRUCTION/VIDEO HERE]



An easy - moderate - stretch goal (identify 3) -- depending on the "volunteer need"

give some ideas *brainstorm with the working group


menu of options for people to choose from

don't worry if you have no idea right now -- skip this step and set up a meeting.



Set up a meeting with the mentoring team to develop a strategic action plan for your goal. Email the team (*ENTER EMAIL HERE)


- videos

- finalize information

- linking/data gathering

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