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Saving the world is a big project, and there is plenty for everyone to do! Because we’re independent and volunteer-driven, there's lots of room for individual initiative and creativity. Whether you have just a little time or are ready to make a significant commitment, our volunteer-led campaigns have a place for you. Got a good idea? We are eager to hear how you would like to contribute to the climate movement.

Opportunities for participation are large and small, and include joining a team or campaign, or helping with communications, social media, or outreach to new volunteers. We’re here to put your passions and special skills to work for the climate.

  • Our City Teams (and County Teams) are groups of local activists who choose local issues to work on at the city or county level. Examples include climate emergency resolutions, reach code ordinances, and a new campaign to reduce vehicle miles traveled by encouraging telecommuting after the coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

  • Our Legislation/Policy Team analyzes and takes positions on climate-related legislation, both in Sacramento—and at the federal level, where we are working to ensure that fossil fuel companies are not bailed out at taxpayer expense in the coronavirus recovery packages.

  • The Divestment Team works at every level promoting divestment from fossil fuels by city and county pension funds, Stanford University, CalPERS and CalSTRS, and also insurance companies and TIAA. We collaborate with 350.org’s divestment efforts as well as national and international fossil fuel divestment advocates.

  • The new Food and Climate Team is gearing up to mobilize our members, other citizens, and decision-makers to promote policies and programs that reduce the carbon footprint of our food consumption and agriculture..

Note: we ask for your address because many of our programs are local, and we need to be able to match you with your elected representatives when there's a hot issue in Sacramento or Washington, D.C. While 350.org can see all local group lists, we will never share your contact information with another group, business, or organization.

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