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what we do

Our City Teams are autonomous squads working to fight climate change in our communities. Teams mobilize volunteers for a variety of climate change initiatives: working with city governments to pass new ordinances and climate action plans, attending city council meetings, participating in protests, and putting on social events.

Click on the map point links for your city or county team.


why we do it

Powerful levers of change exist at the local level.
City governments have substantial authority to fight climate change through building codes and ordinances, infrastructure investments, and fossil fuel divestment. But governments are not the only relevant local institutions—for example, City Teams may organize climate education assemblies for local schools or sponsor speakers at community events. Locally-focused teams build constructive partnerships and a sense of community.


our city teams

The Menlo Park City team is focused on ensuring the successful implementation of the Menlo Park Climate Action Plan and is working to eliminate the use of fossil gas and fossil fuels in Menlo Park, as well as support a transition to electric vehicles while reducing miles traveled.

Our mission is to support local solutions to the climate crisis that protect the health and economic vitality of the San Mateo community and promote equity for all.


We educate and organize the residents of Palo Alto to advocate for robust climate policy decisions at the City and regional level.  We also provide education on ways to take action at the personal level to protect Earth's climate. Learn more about our team or our current Switch to Electric campaign here.

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