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Our City Teams are autonomous squads working to fight climate change in our communities. Teams mobilize volunteers for a variety of climate change initiatives: working with city governments to pass new ordinances and climate action plans, attending city council meetings, participating in protests, and putting on social events.

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city teams

how we do it

Local priorities are determined by on-the-ground realities in each city or county. Each City Team decides which initiatives to support, for instance:

  • Ordinances permitting EV charging infrastructure

  • Building codes that lower emissions

  • Convincing city councils to divest from fossil-backing insurance companies

  • Advocating for transportation measures and incentives to reduce car trips

  • Other climate-related initiatives suggested by team members

Team leaders and volunteers meet regularly to share ideas, information, and resources.

why we do it

Powerful levers of change exist at the local level.
City governments have substantial authority to fight climate change through building codes and ordinances, infrastructure investments, and fossil
fuel divestment. But governments are not the only relevant local institutions—for example, City Teams may organize climate education assem-blies for local schools or sponsor speakers at community events. Locally-focused teams build constructive partnerships and a sense of community.

our city teams

Los Altos

Our current focus is to pass all-electric building "Reach Codes" to end the use of fossil gas and switch to clean electricity in new construction.

We're dedicated to making Los Gatos a more sustainable town for all. We're focusing on having the town adopt a new sustainability action plan, pushing for policies to reduce car dependence, and other actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We welcome new ideas!

As the largest city on the Peninsula, we recognize that our work will have a great impact. Our group focuses on community wide environmental education, food security, building electrification and ensuring clean methods of transportation are accessible to all. Join in on our dynamic effort to make San Jose a more sustainable and environmentally just city!

Santa Clara County 

Our County team is the liaison to the Santa Clara County governement. Currently we're focusing on new climate regulations for unincorporated areas of the county, and on electric vehicle charging stations more generally.

We educate and organize the residents of Palo Alto to advocate for robust climate policy decisions at the City and regional level.  We also provide education on ways to take action at the personal level to protect Earth's climate. Learn more here.

San Mateo

Let's work with the San Mateo City Council to push for bold local policies.  These should include all-electric building "Reach Codes", divestment from the fossil fuels industry, and more. 

Santa Clara 

Join our efforts to make Santa Clara a more sustainable city. We are working to pass all-electric building codes ("Reach Codes"), which would require the many energy-hungry computer server facilities located here to run on 100% clean energy. We are also promoting telecommuting ordinances designed to be fair to those not able to work from home.


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