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Climate change affects our community. Climate change can be fought in our community.

Our mission is to support local solutions to the climate crisis that protect the health and economic vitality of the San Mateo community and promote equity for all.

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Tropical Leaves
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Events - NOVEMBER 7


​The San Mateo Climate Team has been very active in advocating for strong Reach Codes for building electrification.  On Oct 17 The City Council approved a proposal supported by SMCT for one of the strongest Reach Codes in the country.  Second reading will be November 7.

Interested in joining a meeting? 



michelle Hudson and Robert whitehair

San Mateo Climate Team Co-leads Michelle Hudson and Robert Whitehair are the compassionate leaders of the San Mateo Climate Team, which is progressing the City's Climate Action Plan and sustainable local living. 

Contact them to Learn More:

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