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Welcome to the 350 SV Palo Alto Climate Team Page! We hope you will join us to help Palo Alto fight climate change by reaching our City’s 2030 goal of 80% carbon reduction. Bookmark this page so you can track local climate events and important city council policy discussions and decisions.


Our goal is to educate and organize the residents of Palo Alto to advocate for robust climate policy at the City and regional levels.  We also provide education on ways to take climate action at the personal level.

next steps for palo Alto's 2020 sustainability and climate action plan (S/CAP)

Prepare for Palo Alto City Council's S/CAP review in April and May. Watch a series of S/CAP webinars produced by the City to learn about the issues.

2020 Sustainability and Climate Action Plan: Palo Alto’s Efforts to Act on Climate Change


Overview of Palo Alto's plans by Sustainability Manager Christine Luong.


All-Electric Homes 101

Learn how Palo Alto residents can move from gas-powered appliances to safer and cleaner all-electric appliances with technical and programmatic support from Palo Alto Utilities.


Getting to 80 x 30: Your Transportation Vision for Palo Alto

Learn more about transportation--one of our biggest source of emissions in Palo Alto.


The Importance of the Natural Environment in Meeting Our Sustainability Goals

Learn more about transportation --one of our biggest source of emissions in Palo Alto.


SCAP Series Overview 500 x 500.png

Click the image to view the S/CAP overview webinar

electric homes 101 206.png

Click the image to view the All-Electric Homes 101 webinar


Click the image to view the Transportation  webinar

natural environment.png

Click the image to view the Natural Environment webinar

350 SV PALO ALTO TEAM MEETING: Dr. Michael Martin on Health Issues Related to Climate Change 


Hear UCSF's Dr. Michael Martin, President-Elect of Physicians for Social Responsibility, speak on Health Issues Related to Climate Change on Wed., April 7, 7:30 to 9:00 pm.  We’ll also preview 350SV Palo Alto team’s “Switch to Electric” Community Engagement Campaign and urgent upcoming advocacy opportunities this spring as the Palo Alto City Council reviews and updates Palo Alto’s Sustainability/Climate Action Plan (S/CAP). Sign up on Eventbrite now!


Interested in being connected to education, advocacy, and action in Palo Alto?  Please sign up to join the 350SV Palo Alto Climate Team.  Or contact us to learn more.

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