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Welcome to the 350SV Palo Alto Climate Team Page! Join us to help Palo Alto reach our city’s goal of reducing carbon emissions 80% by 2030 through advocacy, education and community engagement. 

Since 2020, we have organized candidate forums, hosted events with City Council members and electrification experts, presented to community groups, and engaged with citizens at Farmer's Markets and other local community events. 

You can make a difference in a number of ways:

  • Join our Switch to Electric or Earth Day Action teams -- see details below. 

  • Climate action begins at home. Visit our electrification resources page to learn more about electrifying your home.

  • Visit our campaigns and actions page to see where to put your skills and interests to work

  • For our latest news and actions, check out our Monthly Plug newsletter.


TAKE ACTION: join the Switch to electric campaign team

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To do our part to reduce carbon emissions, we need to nearly all homes and buildings in Palo Alto to be all electric in the next 10 years. We must advocate for the right city and utility policies to help people and busineses electrify, educate and engage residents about electrification, and partner with other local organizations, groups and individuals to build momentum.

If you've been looking for a way to get into the climate change fight, join the Switch to Electric (S2E) team! We are busy advocating for specific City electrification policies, creating brochures, newsletters, videos, infographics and artwork, and also hosting electrification presentations to community groups.  Contact Susan Chamberlain for more information. 

Take Action

Earth Day Action

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The 350SV Palo Alto Climate team, in cooperation with other Bay Area youth climate organizations, is gearing up for major actions on Earth Day, Friday, April 22, 2022. If you are interested in joining or helping organize Earth Day actions, please contact  Jo Gardias to discuss your areas of interest.


palo Alto's sustainability and climate action plan (S/CAP)

Inform yourself on the issues: watch S/CAP webinars produced by the City.

2020 Sustainability and Climate Action Plan: Palo Alto’s Efforts to Act on Climate Change


Overview of Palo Alto's plans by Sustainability Manager Christine Luong.


SCAP Series Overview 500 x 500.png

Click the image to view the S/CAP overview webinar

All-Electric Homes 101

Learn how Palo Alto residents can move from gas-powered appliances to safer and cleaner all-electric appliances with technical and programmatic support from Palo Alto Utilities.


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Click the image to view the All-Electric Homes 101 webinar

Getting to 80 x 30: Your Transportation Vision for Palo Alto

Learn more about transportation--one of our biggest source of emissions in Palo Alto.



Click the image to view the Transportation  webinar

The Importance of the Natural Environment in Meeting Our Sustainability Goals


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Click the image to view the Natural Environment webinar

Switch to Clean Energy: The Importance of Electrifying our Homes and Buildings



Interested in being connected to climate education, advocacy, and action in Palo Alto? We're always looking for new volunteers!

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