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SIGN palo alto Gas Sunset date Petition

The science is clear: to slow down climate change, we must stop burning natural gas.  Residential gas appliances generate twice the emissions of all California gas-fired power plants, combined. Setting a sunset date now enables residents and businesses to plan proactively when to switch out their gas appliances, avoiding purchases of gas powered appliances that will need to be decommissioned too early in their lifecycles. 

Watch the video to learn more about setting a gas sunset date, or sign the petition now.

Take Action

water heater canvass

We're going door to door to talk to our neighbors about switching to high efficiency, clean, safe, heat pump water heaters. Palo Alto has a new turnkey program to source, permit and install heat pump water heaters across the city. Financing options are also available.  Sign up to become part of the canvassing team!  We'll provide training and materials.

Volunteers review map prior to canvassing for water heaters on February 11.

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resident engagement & Education 

We're tabling at neighborhood and community events, EV Expos and fairs. We're demonstrating the benefits of induction cooking, talking about gas-free disaster preparedness, and encouraging residents to make a plan to switch to electric.  Email us at

350SV Palo Alto Team Members prepare an EV-powered induction cooking demo at the Palo Alto Midtown Ice Cream Social. 

what we do

Join us to help Palo Alto reach our city’s goal of reducing carbon emissions 80% by 2030 through advocacy, education and community engagement. 

Here's what we are up to:

  • We are advocating for a gas sunset date in Palo Alto. 

  • We're going door to door promoting Palo Alto's new turnkey heat pump water heater program. 

  • Join us as we host a table at city and neighborhood events throughout the year, talking to residents about switching to electric.

  • Climate action begins at home. Visit our electrification resources page to learn more about electrifying your home.

  • Visit our campaigns and actions page to see where to put your skills and interests to work.


Members of the Palo Alto Student Climate Coalition at Palo Alto City Hall. 


Interested in being connected to climate education, advocacy, and action in Palo Alto? We love new volunteers!

Questions? Contact us at

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