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Our overarching goal is to ensure that Menlo Park takes the steps necessary to address the climate crisis.

In July 2020, Menlo Park adopted a Climate Action Plan that included groundbreaking measures phasing out fossil fuel use throughout the city while prioritizing racial and economic justice. The Plan’s four core strategies to dramatically reduce carbon pollution are:

  • Phasing out fossil gas use in homes and buildings,

  • Transitioning to electric vehicles,

  • Reducing traffic,

  • And eliminating fossil fuels from municipal operations

We are vocal about ways that our city government and citizenry can get involved, while also exploring other solutions needed to meet the moment.

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Currently, team meetings occur once a month — on the third Monday of the month at 7:00pm PST.


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Menlo Park Team Lead Frengiz Surty is an equity and justice leader and startup founder who has spent the last several years researching LEED, circular economic theory, and environmental justice. She hopes to find the best ways to integrate our built environment with nature and to promote product and service use that designs out waste and pollution.

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