New Year, New Energy: Let’s Talk About Climate - RSVP: LINK

Assembly Members Evan Low and Marc Berman

Do you wish you could talk directly to your representative about climate? Share your concerns about the future? Now's your chance to have that conversation and ask your questions.  Bring the kids/teens along, it's their future! Kids will ask their questions first, so they can get home early. Please RSVP here: LINK

Join us for a dynamic conversation about how CA can lead on climate legislation with CA Assembly Members Evan Low and Marc Berman. With special guest Jason Barbose, Union of Concerned Scientists.

Late arrivals welcome!

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Co-Sponsored by 350 Silicon Valley, Mothers Out Front, Acterra, Asian Law Alliance

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We invite your organization sign on to our letter of support for SB100, 100% clean energy for California by 2045. CLICK HERE TO SIGN ON

This letter will be delivered to Assembly Member Rendon, Chair of the Assembly's Utilities and Energy Committee, John Holden and Governor Brown.

California needs to accelerate the transition to clean energy to protect our climate, our economy and leadership in green jobs, air quality and health, and communities suffering environmental injustice.



Despite overwhelming public opposition, state authorities in Nebraska – backed by Trump and the fossil fuel industry – just gave TransCanada a permit to build the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline – but it’s not the route they wanted. Everyday for the last several years we’ve stopped TransCanada and kept tar sands in the ground. We’re going to keep stopping them.

Join the Promise to Protect and commit to traveling to the pipeline route to engage in peaceful, creative resistance to Keystone XL when the call is put out by frontline communities to help stop this Black Snake.  For more information and to add your name: LINK


Check out list of successes thus far in 2017!


For more detailed (and impressive) look at our work thus far in 2017: LINK



The December issue of SVCAN newsletter was just released! 


It's full of information on good things happening to clear the air on climate movement progress.  Please, after you've had the chance to review this issue, forward it to friends, work associates, neighbors, anyone who might want to learn more about the real world of migrating to a clean energy environment. View the newsletter


What Can You Do About Climate Change?

An excellent article by 350SV member David Coale:

As our electricity grid gets cleaner and cleaner with California’s Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) increasing the percentages of renewables to 50% by 20301 and with many communities opting for Community Choice Energy where this will happen even sooner and at a lower price, the switch to electric energy to do our bidding is getting more attention.

With a cleaner energy source coming on-line, our next easiest opportunity to address climate change is to switch to using this clean energy for as much as possible as we go about our daily lives. With the recent advances in technology, switching to electricity to meet our daily needs is now more available than ever before and cost effective as well.  READ MORE: LINK 


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