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Presidential Shout Out!

To our awesome new Communications Team! They are rewriting our 350SV flyer to recruit new volunteers, and fanning out on social media to bring our action agenda to new audiences. They’ve got lots of ideas that will help bring 350SV into the 21st Century!

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Introducing... A new news source focused on all of the good things that are happening in the climate movement 



350 Silicon Valley is one of the founding members of the Silicon Valley Climate Action Alliance (see and as such is providing website support for the launching of this new Alliance newsletter.

Yes, Silicon Valley CAN!

Welcome to the first edition of the Climate Action News.  With all the negative news coming from Washington about climate change, decided to launch this newsletter to the general public in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties.  Our goal is to emphasize all the good things that are happening in the climate movement and what you can do to be part of the solution.

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Move Your Money Divestment Workshop

Here are all the materials from our March 21, 2017 workshop on how to move your money from dirty fossil-fueled institutions and investments to clean sustainable ones.

San Luis Obispo Board of Supervisors Denies Phillips 66’s Oil Trains Project!


We did it! Thanks to you!

On Thursday, March 14, the SLO County Board of Supervisors rejected Phillips 66's disastrous proposal that would have brought mile-long trains carrying millions of gallons of dirty, toxic, explosive, and climate busting tar sands several times a week from Alberta, Canada through our region, including San Jose and Milpitas, to the Phillips 66 refinery on the California Central Coast.

Together, we helped to stop this proposal in San Luis Obispo County.  Thanks to all the many volunteers, Civic leaders, and ordinary citizens that signed our letter, attended Community Forums, public hearings, rallies, and more.


Please sign petition to keep Aliso Canyon Gas Facility Closed


New State Senator Henry Stern introduced -- as his first bill -- an urgency measure to keep the Aliso Canyon gas facility closed, at least until the state conducts the full required analysis of why the blowout happened.
Please sign this petition to support his efforts:

350 Silicon Valley's "No Way in San Jose" Campaign joined 25,000 marchers in Women's March, San Jose, Sat., Jan. 21

Film Producer Ralph King, with cinematographer Max Good, did video interviews along the route and filmed our "oil train" in action, carried by about 30 of our crew.

We distributed flyers, website link cards, and engaged San Jose residents in a dialogue about the real threat of Phillips 66 oil trains coming through the city. For more information on this threat and what you can do, please go to: LINK

Climate Success:  

Monterey County Becomes California's First Oil Producing County to Ban Fracking

Monterey County has now become the sixth county in California to ban fracking, with a 56% to 44% margin in favor of Measure Z, that bans fracking in Monterey County.   It ranks as the first area with a significant oil industry to ban fracking.

This is a huge win for local grass roots efforts.  Despite being outspent by 30 to 1 funding, with Chevron infusing 5 million dollars into their campaign, the environmental, health and safety issues were heard and understood by the community.  

This win is bigger than Monterey County. It will create added momentum for other areas to be counted as a NO to this environmentally devastating industry practice.

Congratulations to Monterey County and all Activists that supported the Measure Z effort. 


Learn About the CalSTRS Petition to Divest from All Oil and Gas Companies

Fossil Free California is petitioning CalSTRS to divest, by 2020, from all oil and gas companies, beginning with ExxonMobil, Chevron, and Shell

These companies have known for decades that their products increase the dangers of climate change, but they have not joined the international effort to minimize global warming. Since they refuse to modify their business plans or activities, and since their reserves are at risk of becoming worthless stranded assets, we believe that CalSTRS should divest for both financial and ethical reasons.

Watch for the 350 Silicon Valley email, sent directly to our members, that provides more information.  And go this link to sign the petition. 

And join 350SV to stay tuned to climate change issues at a local, national and global level. Join and donate here.

Help Us Ban Fracking in Santa Clara County

Stephanie_Fracking_Activist.jpgBy signing this Petition, you will encourage the Board of Supervisors to stop additional oil and gas development in the county.  There are currently 15 active wells and 2 injection wells in Sargent Field in South County close to three earthquake faults and critical water supplies.  We need more environmental protections on existing wells and a ban on any new ones. The Sierra Club, 350 Silicon Valley, PDC, Dean Club, the Democratic Central Committee and South County Democratic Club are all in favor of this ban.

Help protect our water, our air, our health and our climate, by signing this Petition. 
Go to:


Silicon Valley Stands With The People Of Standing Rock #NoDAPL

People from all across our nation and the globe are raising their voices.  Opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline is growing stronger by the day. On the evening of 9.13.16 in Silicon Valley over 100 activists lit candles and raised our voices to send a message to President Obama that he must permanently halt construction of the DAPL! Check out our photos from our candlelight vigil, 9.13.16: LINK


What Can You Do About Climate Change?

An excellent article by 350SV member David Coale:

As our electricity grid gets cleaner and cleaner with California’s Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) increasing the percentages of renewables to 50% by 20301 and with many communities opting for Community Choice Energy where this will happen even sooner and at a lower price, the switch to electric energy to do our bidding is getting more attention.

With a cleaner energy source coming on-line, our next easiest opportunity to address climate change is to switch to using this clean energy for as much as possible as we go about our daily lives. With the recent advances in technology, switching to electricity to meet our daily needs is now more available than ever before and cost effective as well.  READ MORE: LINK 


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