Together we must take action on Climate NOW.  Please join one of our Campaigns:


CLimate Emergency Action Network (CLEAN)

Despite great global gains in renewable energy, we’re slowly transitioning to a sustainable energy economy...way too slowly, this is an emergency. The CLEAN Campaign is launching long-term Non-Violent Direct Actions against all who continue to support the expansion of fossil fuels; our first target is pipeline funder Wells Fargo. CLEAN Campaign Pledge of Resistance


Fossil Fuel Resistance

We need to keep 80% of all proven fossil fuel reserves in the ground.  After the successful resistance to building of the Keystone XL pipeline, we now organize to fight the import of tar sands bitumen to Bay Area refineries.  We work to build support for regional, state, and federal policies focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation fuels in the Bay Area, California and nationwide.   Fossil Fuel Resistance



It's wrong to profit from wrecking the climate.  We believe that educational and religious institutions, city and state governments, and other institutions that serve the public good should divest from fossil fuels.  Join our local Divestment Team and learn how to take action.  An easy first step is to sign our petitions!    Divestment



We need to build bigger, stronger and more effective partnerships.  With 350 Silicon Valley as the catalyst, we plan to form one-to-one partnerships and then wider alliances with leading environmental and climate action organizations. And leveraging that climate action core, we'll also partner with groups of climate activists within the larger circle of religious, healthcare, educational, social justice, and organized labor organizations.    Partnerships


Communications & Outreach

Communications and outreach are at the heart of every action that 350 Silicon Valley takes.  That means that we have a great deal of vital information to share and many people to reach with our messages.  Help generate enthusiasm about 350 Silicon Valley’s mission and support the organization goals with communications that build a highly energized activist community.  And in the process use your talents to make a difference.

We need to build grassroots support for climate action!  In order to address climate change we must have local, state and national policy.  Join the Outreach team to work to build our local climate movement.  Join us, spread the word and make a difference!    Communications and Outreach



Let's hype the hope with a flood of letters to politicians and the media. The technology for a carbon-free world is ready and the economics are favorable. We just need to get over the hump of political resistance. A big noise from the constituency is the push that is needed. Letter writing is an effective, easy and fun way to do that.    Letter-Writing


Legislative Team

We are in the critical years in state history for climate legislation!  California is leading the way for the rest of the country. Silicon Valley area legislators will play a key role in the coming year and there is much we can accomplish. The Republicans want to see us fail, but we need to demonstrate that you can have an economy that is both strong AND green. The historic passage of SB 100 in 2018 provides the vision for a sharp reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.  Now, it is up to each of us to make it happen in 2019!

Please join our team as we plan our 2019 campaign! Here's a LINK to join our Google group. Legislative Team