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    Join us for uplifting film, "Tomorrow!"

    When: Thursday, November 15, 2018 at 07:00 PM
    Where: Congregation Beth Am in Los Altos Hills, CA


    Screening and discussion of inspiring film "Tomorrow" which documents worldwide solutions to the climate challenge. 350 Silicon Valley President Nicole Kemeny will lead the discussion after the movie.

    New York Times Critic's Pick
    You’ll want to see “Tomorrow” if you’re fuming over President Trump’s proposed slashing of the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget, his vow to exit the Paris climate accord or the fact that there’s a general perception (not just among politicians) that the effects of climate change are far-off. This French documentary convincingly explains why those views are gravely misguided, but its real triumph is its pervasive feeling of hope.

    It’s refreshing to see concrete solutions at work, many of them at the grass-roots level. And the optimism of those countering ineffective politicians and big business is infectious.


  • Don’t Boo Hoo, Vote. Exponentiate Your Vote!

    image001.jpgIf you are like me, the recent IPCC report left you sad, worried, discouraged . But, I
    hope, like me, you have resolved to not panic and to channel your energy into action
    instead of despair. (In case you missed it, you can read articles about the IPCC
    report here and here, and you can find the full report here.) There are many
    individual actions we can take to lower our carbon footprint, which I’m sure many of
    you are already doing. But, it is clear we need large-scale collective action to really
    have the impact needed to stem the most catastrophic effects of climate change. And
    to do that we need more elected officials who are committed to immediate, strong
    action. So, one of the most important things we can do is seek out and vote for those
    Even better than voting, is voting and getting other people to vote also – especially
    younger people, who believe in climate action at higher rates, but tend to vote at
    lower rates. There are many ways to multiply your vote:

    • Talking to voters in person
    • Texting voters
    • Writing letters/postcards to voters
    • Calling voters on the phone
    • Getting 3+ friends to vote
    • Driving people to the polls
    • Holding a mini-party at your house and doing these actions together

    Maybe you have been getting requests from candidates and organizations to
    volunteer to help get people to the polls. IT’S TIME TO TAKE THEM UP ON IT! If you
    haven’t received any volunteer solicitations, a quick Google search can pull up how
    to volunteer for the candidate or organization of your choice. If you are already
    writing postcards, or phone banking, or canvassing, you can multiply your vote even
    more by getting your friends to join you in those efforts. We only have a few weeks
    until the mid-term elections, so we all have our work cut out for us.
    Exponentiate your vote!
    One final note: even local non-partisan elections are important. If you aren’t sure
    who to vote for, check in with your local Sierra Club chapter so see if they have
    made endorsements (Loma Prieta Chapter, San Francisco Bay Chapter)

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  • RISE for Climate, Jobs, and Justice

    image5.jpgOn September 8, 2018, thousands of people converged in San Francisco for the ‘Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice’ march, just days before the Global Climate Action Summit, demanding a phase-out of fossil fuel extraction and a just transition to a 100% renewable energy economy. Event organizers emphasized community-led solutions, starting in places most impacted by pollution and climate change. The march brought together people from across California, the U.S., and around the world, including those facing health impacts associated with oil & gas production, those recovering from the devastation of the state’s worsening wildfires, those working to resist the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure, and those advocating for and building solutions to the climate crisis within their communities. In San Francisco, people took to the streets in the largest climate march the West Coast has ever seen that also included the largest ever street mural. Concurrently, people around the world will join more than 830 events in 91 countries under the “Rise for Climate” banner. In the U.S., over 300 events are planned in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Photo by Brooke Anderson | Survival Media Agency.

    image7.jpg image3.jpg
    image1.jpg image6.jpg



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  • Arts Build+ with David Solnit and The Peace Poets


    We’re in a climate emergency, and 350 Silicon Valley is ramping up its actions. On August 24 at the UU church in San Jose, our event organizers Ralph King and Kathy Pimentel were joined by David Solnit, 350.org’s North American Arts Organizer, The Peace Poets from Brooklyn, and more than 40 arts builders from 350 Silicon Valley, partner groups and faith and other community volunteers. We created silk screen posters and a huge banner, saw how street murals are made, and learned songs for the September 8 Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice March in San Francisco.

    Come join us at 10AM in San Francisco at Embarcadero Plaza on September 8 for the biggest climate march in Northern California history. Caltrain is the best way from San Jose and the Peninsula.

    Photos by Chris Cassell and Jack Owicki, ProBonoPhoto.org


    David showing finished silk screened posters


    Peace Poets teaching songs for the march


    Kathy learning basics of silk screening


    Hang 'em out to dry


    Adding tempura colors to the posters


    Making the main march banner


    Learning the way street murals are made





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  • What Can You Do About Climate Change?

    An excellent article by 350SV member David Coale:

    As our electricity grid gets cleaner and cleaner with California’s Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) increasing the percentages of renewables to 50% by 20301 and with many communities opting for Community Choice Energy where this will happen even sooner and at a lower price, the switch to electric energy to do our bidding is getting more attention.

    With a cleaner energy source coming on-line, our next easiest opportunity to address climate change is to switch to using this clean energy for as much as possible as we go about our daily lives. With the recent advances in technology, switching to electricity to meet our daily needs is now more available than ever before and cost effective as well.  READ MORE: LINK 

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  • Silicon Valley Climate Action Newsletter



    The May-June 2018 issue of SVCAN newsletter was just released! 

    Welcome to the May-June 2018 edition of SVCAN -- the Silicon Valley Climate Action Newsletter.  This reduced edition focuses on our "good news" articles and does not include upcoming events announcements, a book review, a partner profile and links to other good news articles.  Enjoy and keep up the climate fight. 

    Special Announcement. Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 8, for the 
    RISE FOR CLIMATE, JOBS AND JUSTICE mass march in San Francisco. Right before Governor Brown's Global Climate Action Summit, the mass mobilization on the 8th will demand what our communities and the planet really need: bold, immediate action towards a just transition away from fossil fuels and towards a just, equitable economy.  Look for organizing information at CA.Riseforclimate.org and get prepared, Santa Clara County and San Mateo county residents, to hop on Caltrain or a bus and join thousands in San Francisco.
    STATE:  All New Homes in California Starting in 2020 Required to have Solar Panels
    NATIONAL:  Congress Approves Renewable Funding and Anti-Pipeline Protesters Found Not Guilty
    INTERNATIONAL: Kinder Morgan Halts Non-Essential Work Pipeline, Shell Oil in Court, and Costa Rica to Ban Fossil Fuels

    Please checkout all the archive of all the newsletters.

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  • New Year, New Energy: Let’s Talk About Climate

    See livestream video of standing room only 100+ crowd at New Year, New Energy event on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/350SiliconValley/videos/1663178440370278/

    Please share widely!

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